Tubing at Sunridge

Our last weekend for tubing is March 14 and 15 (weather permitting).

Snow tubing is the best thing to happen to winter and Sunridge has the only Snow Tubing Park around. With a dedicated tubing lift (so you don't have to walk up the hill), three groomed chutes down one of our main hills, and special tubes provided by us, you won't find a better outdoor winter activity.

Tubing tickets are for specific two-hour time periods only and a limited number of tickets are available for each two-hour period. The two-hour time periods are; from 12noon until 2pm or 2pm until 4pm on weekends and holidays, and from 6:00pm until 8:00pm on Friday evening.

You can buy your tube tickets online to guarantee space for you or for your group. If you don't wish to buy your tickets online, you may of course stop by the ski area to buy your tickets but keep in mind that tubing often sells out and we can't guarantee a spot for you if you don't buy your tickets in advance.

You can also rent the tube park for two hours for a private tubing party for your group. The tube park is available for rent on Monday through Thursday between 6pm and 8pm, and on the weekends between 10am and noon. The cost is $600 for the two hours. Just call us at 780-449-6555 for more information.

When the Tubing Park is busy, we normally have more people than tubes. When this is the case, the tubers coming up off the tube lift must hand their tubes to the first person in line and then go to the back of the line to wait for another tube. We find that this system is safer than providing each person with their own tube since even if you have your own tube, you would still be waiting in line to go down the chutes. If you have any questions in this regards, please stop by the office.

Buying tube tickets online

  1. First, select the month and the time period that you want to go tubing. Only available time periods are shown. If the time period that you wish to go tubing is not shown in the list, then it is either full or not available. Once you have selected a month, you have 3 minutes to complete and pay for the booking.
  2. Then, enter the number of tube tickets for individuals that you wish to book and remember that everyone must be at least 4 ft tall AND 7 years old to go tubing. Helmets can also be rented at this time. If your group has 10 or more people, the cost per person is $18.
  3. Be sure to enter your cell phone number so we can text the tube booking transaction number to you, and then click the Pay button to pay for your booking (using PayPal). You will also receive an email with the tube booking transaction number and a PDF copy of your receipt.
  4. On the day of your booking, please arrive at Sunridge about 10 minutes before your scheduled two-hour period, stop by reception and show us either a printout of the email or the text on your smartphone. We'll print your tube tickets and you are on your way. You don't have to fill out any forms (except sign a rental waiver if you are renting helmets).

Book snowtubing

Please enter your cell number to receive a confirmation text of your tube booking purchase. If your group has 10 or more people, the cost per person is $18.

# Tubers($20.00
# Helmets ($7.00

GST (5%)   $0.00

Total   $0.00



For safety, you must be 7 years old AND 4 ft tall to go tubing. We check everyone to make sure you are old enough and tall enough to go tubing.

Refund information

All pre-paid tube bookings are non-refundable except when the tube park is closed due to very cold weather or poor tubing conditions. If temperatures are -20C or colder, we reserve the right to close the tube park (in which case any pre-paid bookings can either be rescheduled or refunded). If you have booked and paid for a group, no refunds are provided if not everyone in your group shows up. If more people than you have booked and paid for show up to go tubing, we will do our best to fit them into the same time period but we cannot guarantee space for the extra people.


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