Conditions and hours

Bunny Hill from the chalet.

Looking up the Parkview Quad.

Ridge Run towards Yellowhead.


Sun. Mar. 15 9:30am-5pm
Mon. Mar. 16 Closed for the season

Early Season
(mid November to Dec. 18)
Mon - Fri : 5pm to 9pm
Sat, Sun : 9am to 5pm

Regular Season
(Jan. 4 to closing)
Mon - Wed : 5pm to 9pm
Thu, Fri : 1pm to 9pm
Sat, Sun : 9am to 5pm

Dec. 21 to 23 - 9am to 9pm
Dec. 24 - 9am to 4pm
Dec. 25 – Closed
Dec. 26 - 30 – 9am to 5pm
Dec. 31 - 9am to 4pm
Jan. 1 - Noon to 5pm
Jan. 2, 3 – 9am to 5pm
Jan. 4, 5 – 9am to 9pm
Feb. 15 : 9am to 5pm

School PD Days
Nov. 30 : 9am to 9pm
Jan. 29 : 9am to 9pm
Feb 4,5 : 9am to 9pm
Feb 25, 26 :9am to 9pm
Mar 5 : 9am to 9pm
Mar. 12 : 9am to 9pm


Dec 21 - mid March
Mon : 6pm to 8pm
Fri : 6pm to 8pm
Sat, Sun : 10am to 12noon, 12noon to 2pm, 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Dec. 25 - Closed
Dec. 21 to Jan. 5 - Noon to 4pm
Feb. 15 : Noon to 4pm

Current Weather

Status Report

We are CLOSED for the season. Thanks so much for joining us this past season and we look forward to seeing you again next winter. Watch for our 2021/2022 summer season pass starting in July.

Masks or face coverings are required AT ALL TIMES and this policy will be strictly enforced. The mask must completely cover your nose, mouth and chin with no airholes or vents. If you are not wearing a mask on the deck, in the chalet, on the hill, in the lift lines, or on the lifts, your lift ticket will be removed for the day. A second infraction will result in skiing privileges withdrawn for a week. And a third infraction will result in being banned from the hill for the season.

Lifts Open (0 of 6)

  1. Porcupine Handle Tow: Closed
  2. Sunrunner Carpet Lift (300ft): Closed
  3. Thunder Snail Carpet Lift (100ft): Closed
  4. Tube Lift: Closed
  5. Parkview Quad Chairlift: Closed
  6. Coal Miner Triple Chairlift: Closed
For your safety, use of the restraining bars on the chairlifts is mandatory.

Runs Open (0 of 12)

  1. Porcupine: Closed
  2. Bunny Hill: Closed
  3. Harold's Way: Closed
  4. Andy's Gully: Closed
  5. Kona Avenue: Closed
  6. Coyote Crossing: Closed
  7. Whitetail: Closed
  8. Ridge Run: Closed
  9. Eagle Ridge: Closed
  10. Prairie Chicken: Closed
  11. Tornado Alley: Closed
  12. Yellowhead Trail: Closed
  13. Tube Park: Closed

Terrain Parks

  1. Porcupine: Closed
  2. Big Park: Closed
  3. Skier/SB Cross: Closed

Cold Weather Policy

Our COLD WEATHER policy is that if daytime high temperatures are -25C or colder or our school groups have cancelled for the day due to the cold, the ski hill may close for the day. If temperatures are -15C or colder and our weekday groups have cancelled, then we will be open from 5pm to 9pm. Please call to confirm before coming out if temperatures are very cold. The tubing park will close if temperatures are -20C or colder.


Connect with us

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(780) 449 6555
(780) 467 5477 (fax)