Tickets and rentals

Lift tickets and rentals can be bought online and in advance, or at a ticket window when you come to the hill. And if you buy early and online, you can save up to 30% on our full-day lift tickets and rentals. The actual discount will depend on how early you buy and how many people have already bought a ticket for that day.

Invalid value

Adult (18-64)
All day
$44 $44 $0.00
Youth (13-17)
Student (18+)
All day
$41 $41 $0.00
Junior (7-12)
All day
$36 $36 $0.00
Senior (65+)
All day
$18 $0.00
Bunny Hill only (4+)
All day
$16 $0.00
Mogul Mite (4-6)
All day
$18 $0.00
Four hours (7+)
Any 4 hours
Afternoon (7+)
1pm - 5pm
Evening (7+)
5pm - 9pm
Family **
(up to 4 members)
$109 $0.00
Additional family member $25 $0.00
Mon - Fri (4+)
7pm - 9pm
$16 $0.00
Sat/Sun/Holidays (4+)
(3pm - 5pm)
$20 $0.00
Monday Madness
(every Monday from 6pm to 9pm)
$8 $0.00

Equipment rental packages includes skis or a snowboard, boots, poles (if you are skiing) and a helmet.

Mogul Mite (2-6 yrs)
Any time
$18 $0.00
All day (7+) $34 $34 $0.00
Four hours (7+) $30
Last two hours (4+)
Mon-Fri (7pm-9pm)
$16 $0.00
Last two hours (7+)
Sat/Sun/Holidays (3pm-5pm)
$20 $0.00
Monday Madness
(every Monday from 6pm to 9pm)
$8 $0.00

Equipment rental packages includes a helmet and poles.

Ski/snowboard only
Full day
$22 $0.00
Ski/snowboard only
4 hours
$16 $0.00
Poles only
$12 $0.00
Helmet only $7 $0.00
Snowboard boots only $16 $0.00
Family rentals**
(up to 4 members)
$59 $0.00
Additional family
$18 $0.00

Rental equipment 
No rentals
Total tickets $0.00
Total rentals $0.00
Total tickets and rentals $0.00
GST (5%) $0.00
Total $0.00

You must be signed in to pay with a gift card

The Marmot Escape card gives you 50% off the price of a full-day lift ticket. To get this discount, you must pay the regular price online and then present your Marmot Escape card at a ticket window and we will issue a refund for the Escape Card discount.

The 50% discount applies to a full-day all-area lift tickets only and you can only use the Escape card for one ticket per day. The Escape card is not valid for Bunny Hill tickets nor 2-hour tickets. If you bought a 4-hour ticket for $30, then you will receive a $9 refund (plus GST). This $9 is calculated as follows. A full-day Adult lift ticket is $42. A 50% discount on a $42 ticket is $21. As you paid $30 for your ticket, the Escape Card discount is $9 ($30 less $21).

Please allow for up to 3 weeks to receive your refund via PayPal.

Due to COVID operating guidelines for ski areas this winter, we have set a limit on how many people can come skiing each day. As a result, walk-in tickets and rentals are not available and all lift tickets and equipment rentals must be bought online and in advance. Same day tickets and rentals can still be bought if there is space available but you have to do this online before you come to the hill.

To buy your tickets and rentals online, first choose the date when you want to come skiing or snowboarding and click the red button to see what your savings on lift tickets and rentals are on the date you have selected. Then select the lift tickets and rentals that you want to buy for that day and when you are ready, click the Pay button.

Read our COVID-19 update
Please read

Tickets and rentals bought online are only valid for the date selected and are non-refundable unless Sunridge is closed due to extreme cold weather.

The Fine Print

A Family is defined as up to 2 adults and dependent children under the age of 18 living in the same household to a maximum of 4 people. A Family Rental Package for up to 4 people is only available with the purchase of a Family Day Pass.

Mogul Mite, Senior and Bunny Hill tickets are considered full-day tickets.

Students must show a current Student ID card from a recognized post-secondary institution to qualify for a student lift ticket.

Toddlers 3 and under are FREE with a paying adult.

Our hours each day may change. Please check our Conditions page for up-to-date information on our hours of operation and the lifts and runs that are open.

Additional information

If you are renting equipment, you must have a Sunridge account and must have completed the online rental waiver for each person renting. If you are renting online, then you will be asked for the Sunridge ID number of the person renting before you can complete your payment.

An equipment rental package includes skis or a snowboard, boots, poles and a helmet.

We do not rent ski boots only as we cannot set your ski bindings to our rental boots. The only exception is if your bindings are Salomon bindings that are still indemnified by Salomon. We'll have to see the bindings to confirm they are indemnified before we can adjust them.

Walking tickets are FREE at reception and must be picked up if you are walking to the Bunny Hill to watch your children in lessons or are walking to the tube park to view tubing. Spectators with walking tickets may not use the carpet lifts or chairlifts and are not permitted to walk on the Bunny Hills or up to the chairlift. If you are using the carpet lifts then you must have a lift ticket. If you wish to walk up and down the Bunny Hill to assist your children or ride the Carpet Lift without equipment to assist your children, then you must have at least a Bunny Hill lift ticket.


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