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Terrain Parks and Snow Cross Course (2015 - 2016)


Again this year will be three Terrain Parks; the big one, the Porcupine mini-park, and the new Yellowhead Railyard! The Skier/Snowboard Cross Course will be opening in December.

Remember, helmets are mandatory  in all Terrain Parks and in the Snow Cross Course at Sunridge.

Porcupine Temp Park (

  • 22 ft downrail (L)
  • Drop box (L)
  • Waterfall (L)
  • 22 ft flat box (M)
  • 10 ft large diameter pipe (M)
  • tube party (M)

The Big Park

Features in the Big Park last year included:

  • 40ft step down jump (XL)
  • 40ft step over jump (L)
  • 50 ft battleship box XL)
  • 23 ft step down rail (L)
  • 25 ft kink stairs (XL)
  • 30 ft triple step down rail or the Waterfall Rail(L)
  • Hip with dance floor topper (M)
  • Cannon tube (XL)
  • Wall ride (L)

Yellowhead Railyard

  • Aframe rail
  • Small stepover
  • Shark fin
  • Pole jam to round bar
  • Flat bar
  • Spine jump
  • Step down box
  • Bank rail