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Sunridge Trail Guide


We are OPEN today, Saturday, Nov. 22 from 9:30am to 5pm. We are on early season hours until Friday November 28. Starting on Fri Nov. 28, we will be open regular hours.

Cold Weather Policy

Our COLD WEATHER policy is that if daytime temperatures are -25C or colder, if windchills are colder than -25C, or our school groups have cancelled for the day due to the cold, the ski hill may close. Please call to confirm before coming out if temperatures are very cold. The tubing park will close if temperatures are -20C or colder.

Status Report

Snowmaking has been on hold for a couple of days but sounds like snow and cold weather are in the forecast starting this weekend. The Bunny Hill, Porcupine and the chairlift are open and there is a mini Park on the Porcupine. From the chairlift, we have the Coyote, Yellowhead Trail, Tornado Alley and Prairie Chicken runs open and are making snow on Eagle Ridge. We also hope to have the Yellow TBar open later this weekend but it is not open just yet.

Snow Report

  • Base: 45cm
  • New snow: None
  • Snowmaking: Yes

Lifts Open

  1. Porcupine Lift: Open
  2. Rope Tow: Open
  3. Carpet Lift: Open
  4. Yellow TBar: Opening this weekend
  5. Orange TBar: Closed
  6. Chairlift: Open
  7. Tube Lift: Closed

Runs Open

  1. Porcupine: Open
  2. Bunny Hill: Open
  3. Harold's Way: Opening this weekend
  4. The Gully: Making snow
  5. Terrain Park: Closed
  6. Cat Track: Closed
  7. Skier/SB Cross: Making snow
  8. Coyote Crossing: Open
  9. Whitetail: Open
  10. Ridge Run: Open
  11. Eagle Ridge: Making snow
  12. Prairie Chicken: Open
  13. Tornado Alley: Open
  14. Yellowhead Trail: Open
  15. Tubing Park: Making snow